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We wanted to thank you for the generous check that you sent to help with Carley's expenses.  It allowed her to participate in an 8 week session at InSync Communication Center (or "Judy's" as Carley calls it), which is a social skills support group that has been recommended by Carley's team of doctors, but unfortunately is not covered by insurance and is a financial strain for us at this time.  Carley absolutely shines while she is at Judy's, she has found a safe and accepting place where she has made several new friends and some good progress on her social skills.  We can't thank you enough for providing this for her as she has truly enjoyed her time there and looks forward to going back soon.

                                    -- Cheryl & Michael



We first met Vincent when he was 4. He is now 7, and post-treatment! He loves baseball, and is doing great. Vincent is also our featured "Star Child" for our Shine Under the Stars 2018 Gala!



Thank you so much for your generosity by providing me with the scholarship that made my first trip to Cancer Con possible. I was hesitant to embark on this journey because I was so ingrained in my Master’s degree at Duke but decided I would take advantage of this repose. The decision to go was an excellent one.

During my brief stay, I was able to connect with survivors like myself in a warm environment. When I was initially diagnosed, I stayed in university and haven’t slowed down since. I treated my diagnosis as an inconvenience and more like a cold than a life-threatening illness. Because of that head-strong mentality, I never reached other survivors outside of the occasional Relay For Life. Cancer Con, however, showed me that it’s ok to talk about journey in a serious manner rather than brush it off and pivot to my work and education career.

The highlight for me was meeting a fellow young survivor in graduate school named Laura. She was headstrong during and after her diagnosis like myself and we were able to connect in a way neither of us expected. We exchanged information and have continued talking about our Lymphoma experience as well as more “regular” topics. This friendship would not have been possible without the generosity of This Star Won’t Go Out and for that, I thank you all very much.

          -- Respectfully yours, Jack (age 26)



Is a huge Harry Potter fan, and a proud Nerdfighter!











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