10th Annual ESTHER DAY Documentary


Hello TSWGO Family, friends and Nerdfighters!
August is only 4 months away meaning this year is the 10th Annual Esther Day Celebration, yes the TENTH!

As many of you know, John & Hank Green invited Esther Grace Earl to choose ANY topic she wanted, and they would make a video about it each year on her birthday. Esther asked that it be a day to say "I love you" to family and friends--a non-romantic Valentines Day, if you will. Based on her wishes, August 3, 2010 was the first time that John publicly declared his love for his brother on a Vlogbrothers video, and #EstherDay was born.

We're looking for YOU to be a part of this video by sharing your #EstherDay stories and experiences. Follow the directions below, and send your video clips to submissions@tswgo.org by May 15 to be included! We knew you would be excited!

Watch the video above for full details and examples.

Here’s how you can help and be apart of our Esther Day Documentary.
Send in a short video clip (20-30 seconds) of you responding to one of the following :

1: The story of your most memorable Esther Day.
2: How you will be celebrating Esther Day.
3. How has Esther Day created meaning in your community?
4. What’s a good thing that came from telling someone you love them?
5. Say “ I LOVE YOU” to someone you care about.

How to film your video.

  • Have the video shot in HD.

  • Use a tripod or stationary camera/phone.

  • If you're in the frame alone be in the center of the frame with the upper third of yourself showing.

  • Have a plain background.

  • If using a smart phone, select a horizontal (the long way!) view.

Submitting your video:

  • Upload the file as a .mov or .mp4 to YouTube as a private video

  • Email the link to submissions@tswgo.org

  • Include your Name, Location, and “Esther Day Video“in the subject line.

    Example: John.S _ Cincinnati, Ohio_ Esther Day Video