Esthertine, the best way to say 'I Love You'

Love is so LOVEy
— Esther Earl

February fast approaching and we can’t help but get excited for Valentines Day! The day everyone is lovestruck, enjoying chocolate, and delivering sweet cards of appreciation. Here at This Star Won’t Go Out it’s no different, we LOVE love! That is why every year in February we offer ESTHER-tines!

Esthertines are awesome physical cards created by even awesome-er people to help you express your love for someone! Whether its platonic, friendship, family, or just a love of appreciation for the hard work some has done, you can find an Esthertine to fit your need. It’s like an early Esther Day and who wouldn’t want that! The best part about Esthertines, they help spread love to others AND they keep the mission of our beautiful Esther Earl alive.

So how does it work?
Orders will be accepted from January 31st to February 9th to be guaranteed delivery by February 14th. We will still accept orders after February 9th but we cannot guarantee that they will arrive in time Valentine's Day.  

**Please note that this only applies to mail sent within the United States. International mail may take longer to arrive due to distance and/or customs.  

Ready to send an Esthertine?
Awesome! We thought you would love this! To show your friend/family member/cat how much they mean to you with a card, head over to TSWGO . From there just select your Esthertine and then fill out the form on who you want to mail it to! You can even send one to yourself!

How much does it cost?
Esthertines are free, but a $5.00 donation is recommended. All profits go to families fighting childhood cancer.

Can I donate more?
Absolutely! You can always donate more, all the money (minus the cost of shipping) goes to families fighting childhood cancer.