Project LOVEly—Applications closing SOON!

Want to make the world a better place?  Project LOVEly makes it possible!

What is Project LOVEly, you might ask? It’s a grant-giving venture from This Star Won't Go Out that seeks to inspire young people to actions that reflect the "Esther Effect," instilling hope, creating spaces of awesome, and demonstrating love in their communities.

In other words, it’s a grant of $5,000 that helps you make the world a LOVElier place! In addition to the grant, both winners are given a mentor to guide them through their project and assist them with any business and logistical components.

So what kinds of projects should you submit? ANYTHING!

For example, meet last year’s Project LOVEly winners:


Savannah Jane Williams started Swim Up, which gives underserved children the opportunity to learn necessary swim safety techniques and provides them with positive team environments. Project LOVEly allowed Savannah to make her “dream of a water safety program a reality” and gave her the “time to fully develop the program without worrying about fundraising.” To others considering applying for the program, Savannah says, “Even if you think that your idea is small compared to others you have heard, or even if you think your idea won't change much, apply anyway… Your project doesn't have to change the world all at once. No one can change the world single handedly, it takes all of us using the gifts we have been given to better our communities. So don't be afraid of starting small!”


Mikaela Nelson founded Mickey’s Mission, which creates custom dolls with unique characteristics, like scars and amputations. With the grant, Mikaela can now make her own dolls using 3D printing, rather than having to alter pre-existing dolls. Project LOVEly provided Mikaela with the resources and equipment necessary to do so, while mentor Julie Krake helped her decide to register Mickey's Mission as an LLC. When asked what she learned from participating in Project LOVEly, Mikaela says “I learned what it means to truly be doing something for others… Every day I strive to be a better person and to live a life that reflects Esther's sense of positivity and love even if I am not doing it consciously. I learned that there are thousands of people out there willing to support someone they never knew and I want to be able to do that too.”

Want to participate? Make the world a little more awesome and apply! Applications are due September 30th!

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