Esthertines 2017!

If you're a huge wizard rock fan, then you've no doubt heard the song 'The Weapon' by Harry and the Potters.  The weapon in question is love and it's something that we want to spread here at TSWGO.  What better way to do that then on Valentine's Day? You don't need to wait until August 3rd to celebrate Esther Day!  So why not show your friend/family member/cat how much they mean to you with a card!  TSWGO will mail out a physical card, handwritten and signed, to the person of your choice expressing your heartfelt, non-romantic love and gratitude--you can even send one to yourself!  Hurry and fill out the form below; requests will be accepted through February 10th. Make Valentines Day even better by donating to help TSWGO carry out its mission for children with cancer.  

To order an  Esthertine, please visit this link: