Show Love to Kids with Cancer

 If you are familiar with Esther’s story, you know that despite her cancer diagnosis, she longed to live a life with meaning. With her narrowed mobility, she focused on the importance of loving those around her. That love is at the root of all we do here at This Star Won’t Go Out: supporting families facing the financial stress of childhood cancer, celebrating Esther Day across the world, and motivating young people to make the world more awesome.

In 2018, as core element of our foundation, we provided direct support to families facing childhood cancer. We gave away as much as we could, yet there were families left on our waiting list when our funds ran out. We need your help to do more! Our goal in 2019 is to double our giving, and to help 50 amazing STAR kids! We believe this can be done and your donation can help us get there.


KIDS IN 2019!