Major Donors

Thank you!


DFTBA Records

DFTBA Records has been an amazing platform for the sale of our TSWGOmerchandise.  They send all proceeds from merchandise sales to TSWGO. never forgets to be awesome!


Project for awesome

During several Project for Awesome fundraisers,  TSWGO has been voted a favorite charity and won a grant raised through the largest annual YouTube charity event. P4A continues to take over YouTube annually each December in celebration of the charities that young people feel passionate about supporting.


John and Hank green

John and Hank Green have been friends and supporters of TSWGO since its founding in early 2011 and are the originators of Esther Day, a yearly celebration dedicated to Esther Earl that celebrates the love of family and friends.  John dedicated his bestselling novel The Fault in Our Stars to Esther Earl, and he and his brother raised thousands of dollars for TSWGO during their TFIOS tour in 2012.


the whomping willows

Lauren and Matt Maggiacomo were friends of Esther irl, and as musicians have continued to support the charity created to carry on her dream of loving and helping others.  In 2011 their This Star Won’t Go Out Tour raised $2313!  Their song, “Esther” is synonymous with Esther Day, and continues to raise funds for TSWGO.



Geekycon, a home for Harry Potter fans, named their annual dance "The Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball” to remember and celebrate Esther’s life—she had attended the very first LeakyCon in Boston in 2009.   They have been great supporters of TSWGO since its beginnings, and in 2011 bought bracelets for each and every attendee!


penguin young readers group

In celebration of the New York Times Bestseller, THIS STAR WON’T GO OUT and the Earl family’s efforts to support the families of cancer patients in financial need, Penguin Young Readers Group made a generous donation to This Star Won’t Go Out (, the foundation named in Esther’s memory and the inspiration for the title of the book.