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Requests for financial assistance begin by completing this form

The application should come directly from a health care professional, and must include:

  • Information about the child (ages 0-26) diagnosed and in current or recent treatment for cancer. TSWGO assists families living in or receiving medical care in Massachusetts and other New England states

  • The application signed by the family and a healthcare professional

  • A letter of advocacy written and signed by the social worker or appropriate healthcare worker

  • Details or copies showing how the grant will be used  

These grants will be evaluated and approved based on available funds on a monthly basis; any applications which we cannot approve during the current month can be resubmitted at a future time. While we will assist children diagnosed with cancer in treatment in New England, Massachusetts will remain at the top of our fulfillment list when funds are limited.  You are always welcome to send a quick email or call to find out about the current availability of funds.

If qualified and approved, please note that the award check will go directly to the parent and address listed on the application form.  If it is preferred that a check be sent in care of the healthcare worker, or endorsed directly to a bill that is due, please be sure to include this information in your letter and to specify recipient and address.  

Please mail or email via an official health care email server the complete application to:

This Star Won't Go Out
118 Billings Street
Quincy MA 02171


If you don't qualify for assistance from TSWGO, or reside outside of the New England area, please check out the information on our page of family resources.